Top Main Ingredients in Alpha Levo IQ

Is focus or concentration, an issue with you? Do you face difficulty in remembering or recalling things? Do you constantly feed tired and depressed? If any of the mentioned situations pertain to you, then you can be confident of suffering from brain fog. It affects man persons and can be in mild form to severe conditions. One of the best ways to combat it and restore the brain’s functionality is to nootropics which are nothing but specialized brain supplements. One of the best brain supplements is Alpha Levo IQ which enhances sand accelerates the neurotransmitters in the brain for optimal activity and mental clarity. It revitalizes and rejuvenates the brain health with its 100 percent natural ingredients. Some of the noteworthy ingredients are –

Ginseng Root Extracts

A Vince Lombardi of mental health, it works holistically to lend you both physical and mental optimal health. Not only it makes our mind more alert with increased memory and intelligence but it also is a terrific stress buster, enhances the body’s immunization system, enhances the body anti-aging functions, increases energy and dies just about everything positive for your body.

Ginkgo Biloba

It is a natural compound which stimulates the growth of the neural stem cells and works magnificently against dementia and memory loss. It is a great fighter against cognitive destruction.


Not a very common or well-known item, vinpocetine compound is extracted from the periwinkle flower. While rare, this herb has shown an amazing property to carry abundant oxygen and glucose supply to the brain to increase its alertness. Experts use it to treat serious diseases like hysteria, nervous disorders, and epilepsy with decent success ratio.


This is again a well-known supplement that is awesome for your brain. It’s terrific to super boost your memory as well as fight depression. This is a great ingredient for those losing memory due to substance abuse, age, sudden illness etc. It is often used by experts to treat Down’s syndrome.

This awesome brain supplement has hordes of other wonderful ingredients. Thus, if you are 18 years or above, you can take it without batting an eyelid.